OK…really…my last entry was ages ago! I had my 55th birthday yesterday and decided i could mark it in some way…so this is it.  I am really going to try to do better here.  i spent the day with my favorite person, Olivia Anne, 9 1/2 months old, and worked at healing a head cold.  

I have been going through what i call the 2nd layer of my stuff – a pressing need to sell more things after such a successful yard sale in May.  This time there are more of what i might call treasures or what were at one time – i can only hope they will become other people’s treasures.  Laces, parts of vintage dresses, ribbons, quilt parts, jewelry, pictures, and so much more.  The sale will be next weekend on the 27th – intentions are for a great day

Art is being done a little…i will post progress…wish i could figure out how to get pictures on here faster.  I am repairing a Pansy Wreath quilt for Laurie and finishing up a quilt assembly for Yvonne.  Hard to do much with baby here for 9 hours a day.  As Terri said to me…i will be glad later on! 

Chuppah made of signature blocks

 Here is the Chuppah (a Jewish wedding canopy) done for Yaara’s sister in Israel.  She took the white squares to Israel in July and had people write and decorate.  Promise to myself, and advice to other:  don’t use paint or plastic products!  It is just too hard to iron.  The wedding was last weekend…many blessings to all.


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