Today this leaf wall hanging went to its new home.  Look how nice the colors photographed when placed on a ‘middle grey’ background.  All cotton and hand-quilted, i hope it will serve to “bring the outdoors in”.  I decided that I would not make another along the same theme until this piece was sold; i look forward to the next creation with leaves! 

In cleaning off my desk today, i found the quote i posted last month.  I don’t think i have been practicing this concept:  “Our purpose here is to develop our gifts of intentionality and learn how to be effective creators.”  Or maybe i have been working on it on an unconscious level – i am trying to intentionally create my life.  i am also creating things to pass on to others.  Another quote i heard the other night:

Making Art is the best way to give love to strangers.


3 thoughts on “Leaves of Blue and Green

  1. I think this is about 45″ square, but not exactly. I am trying to give better descriptions, and maybe i should edit this entry? yes fall colors might be nice – i tend to lean toward the blues and greens-and have collected alot of those fabrics. Now, how about this idea…i could dye the fabric for fall colors! That’s a great idea…thanks Jan!

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