Huzzah…a piece is finished and pictures have been taken.  This is “April Offerings”, started in April and here it is June 13.  Oh well, i am learning to wait and see when i cannot figure out what to do next, what the next part will be.  The nest is made of tiny beads, the eggs of pearlized beads.  The 4 tears are of moss agate and are sewn on off-white silk.  The four color squares are tussah silk, remnants from an altar project for Christ Church.  The feather stitched diamond lines are also of silk threads left from the same project.   If i remember correctly, the sticks are from the sycamores that i walked through near Vanderbilt.  The varagaited tatted edging was a gift from Lois the Wool Lady in Indiana.  Thanks.  A piece of red linen backs the piece to bring a little more heart and blood into the mix.  Oh yes, and there are two pieces of bone in the left and right with large rusty needles through them.  The key and chain just seemed right.  This was a very personal piece for me…working through the emotions of a situation and solving the problems of working this small…it is a little over 7″x7″.  Stick and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.  (thanks Myra)


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