I have decided on the title of this piece.  The sun is finished, using a feather stitch in silk buttonhole thread, to tone down the colors and give some texture.  Now i want to do some more embroidery on the trees and add some plants.  I struggle with the urge to start another project as ideas pour forth.  I can be grateful for that flow, but am trying to discipline myself to stay with the current piece that will be for sale, work through the problems, and keep the intention to make money as part of the process!

Here is something i took from the movie What the Bleep Do We Know?:

Our purpose here is to develop our gifts of intentionality and learn how to be effective creators.  -William Tiller, Ph.D

Yesterday when I was ready to be creative, but not ready to work on “A New Day”, i cut out decorated cardstock to make a mobile for Olivia.  She will be 6 months old on this Wednesday.♥


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