Two things happened this week, I uncovered some block-printed roosters that i had used for potholders, and the neighborhood crows have been making an enormous racket.  This morning two large crows were on the wire outside my front door, and as i shooed them away, two youngsters took flight with them!  No wonder there has been such a ruckus…they are teaching the babies to fly and do crow things.  Last night i pulled three of the rooster prints to start a new project and will document the progress/process here.  Also, i gave myself two new tools:  a Canon digital camera and a new iron.  Buying an iron every two years is nothing new.  But now that I have seen the exciting possibilities with digital photos, my yard sale allowed me to get my own camera.  Below is what i did last night with the three roosters.  It was hard to go to bed, but i am learning to let things sit and percolate.  I am anxious to move forward, but also am determined to document as i go, not later!  More to come.  And isn’t May a glorious month…the flowers are beautiful and i will post some shots soon.

Beginning a new project


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