I am not writing here like i had planned.  Why is this?  Because its such a leap to talk about my life and doins…just like a journal I guess…but i want it here for others to read.  Who?  My friends and loved ones, and eventually people that i don’t know but would like to. Last night I read about the community that can form around having a blog site, so here i am logging in as one more baby step. 

Our Artist’s Way Study Group finished the book and our meetings on this past Monday night.  The community that we created will now have to continue through individual efforts.  I decided to plan a movie and discussion night in May, using “What the ‘Bleep’ do We Know, quantum physics, the science of possibility.  If i plan it…they will come?

I have three pieces of art underway at the moment…April Offerings, Dreams, and The Spiritual River.  This is a picture of April Offering in process.  I think i know what is next, but am waiting to see…  Yikes, I just realized its the last day of April!  My brother, Rob’s, birthday.  I hope its a great day for you.  and everyone else.  I love April…i will relish the last day.\


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